Didn’t we all move here to be happier, none of us moved here to become the “nasty expat”. Everyone has their own reasons for coming here, some to retire, some for-health reasons, others just seeking change and most of us sought a better lifestyle. I have never met a person who moved here with the goal of being miserable, but I have met some who have 100% accomplished that goal. The digital era is here to stay, and social media allows us to share our thoughts and experiences, good and bad. Maybe to easily. The internet provides an easy and somewhat shielded platform for people to easily and often without much advance thinking express their frustrations, grievances and displeasure, and to blame others for them, without even thinking of their own role in the events. Some people spend all their time, day and night just being nasty with everything and everyone.

So how did this happen and why does it happen? How did formerly nice, sane people become the “nasty expat”. What is the cause(s) for people acting objectionably and quite often just plain rude and ignorant?

No Due Diligence – The Nasty Expat is generally someone who did not do any research, due diligence prior to moving, just hop on a plane and boom, here you are, just like they seen on some reality show, pretty soon, life raises its ugly head, the difficulties begin and so does the nastiness;

The “Know it all” – yep, they know what’s what, who’s who and their expectation is everything will be done their way and NOW, just tossing this out there, but probably not the best fit for a Latin American culture;

Not learning Spanish – for people over 50, learning a new language is difficult but Spanish is the language of this country and as an expat we should at least try, not having a basic understanding can lead to big mistakes and the nastiness begins;

Arrogance – yep, the A word, not restricted to any expat, but I have lost count of the bitches that start with “back in the USA” or Canada or the UK or insert any other country, sure the roads were better, internet was better or whatever the flavour bitch of the day is, but hey, guess what, you moved here, no one held a gun to your head and forced you. Being the nasty expat is easy, just blame everyone and everything else for your misery, post it on social media, take no responsibility for your own actions and presto, Bango, change-o, you are the nasty expat, or the other “A” work. Your choice, remember, life is short, enjoy it…. or not

See you on the beach….
Steve “The Beach Gringo in Chief” Patterson