Relocation Assistance & Advice


The beach gringo knows how stressful moving to a new country can be, trust us, if there was an item to be forgotten or a mistake to be made. We have done it. With this in mind and drawing on over 25 years of military, industrial, medical and logistical experience and our extensive contacts within local governments, real estate professionals, legal firms and transportation companies we are now offering an “EX-Pat relocation assistance package to make your move easy and travel free, this service includes information and assistance in completing the following

  • Automobile temporary import permits,
  • Automobile insurance, registration
  • Health Care registration for both public and private insurance carriers,
  • Pet transportation,
  • Primary medical care selection,
  • Real estate transaction assistance,
  • Utility, internet, cell phone account set up,
  • Where required automobile purchase assistance,
  • Temporary accommodations,
  • Assistance with temporary and permanent residence applications,
  • Banking and funds transfer assistance

Other services unique to your situation may be arranged on a case by case basis. Please note TBG does not directly offer legal or financial advice, these services are offered only thru our beach gringo approved service provider and coordinated by the Beach Gringo on your behalf. Call or email for a quote and let us get you down to the beach

See you on the beach….

Steve “The Beach Gringo in Chief” Patterson