Beach Gringo
Steve, the Beach Gringo

The Beach Gringo page and associated Facebook, GMail and YouTube channel were started simply as a pet project so that while enjoying semi-retirement I would not become bored and end up as the drunk Beach Gringo.

With some positive reviews and request for more the initial project took on a life of its own and grew to become a page supporting local business’s and artists, charitable causes within the community and to promote beach living in and around this little slice of paradise.

We also decided to create an “Expat Advice” section for those considering the change of lifestyle and scenery, hopefully that section will provide you with some insights, hints, knowledge and prevent you from making some of the mistakes we did during our journey.

 One more thing….

It’s a hobby, here at the beach we tend not to take things to seriously, so yes, some of the Facebook posts are not for the kiddies, neither are some of the blog posts, so if adult content, questionable morals, a little bit of chuckle and frequent references to everything a Beach Gringo has to offer, then maybe another page is for you….seriously, we wont be offended.

So check out the site, check out the YouTube channel or the Facebook page, buy a Beach Gringo T shirt and enjoy. Feel free to contact us with any suggestions, comments, criticisms or compliments.

 See you on the Beach.

 Steve “ The Beach Gringo” Patterson

The Beach Gringo