Tranistion update and hints

Plans, timetables, budgets, goals……..if the beginning of the transition is any indicator of how things will play out then all those plans, timetables, goals and budgets, crumple them up and start over. Now of course the whole COVID 19, tropical storms and hurricanes have played a part, but so has the transition in attitude, as Jimmie Buffet sings. Changes in latitudes…changes in attitudes… a few hints to help make your transition is smooth one

  • transition to vacationTime is fluid, do not expect people to watch the clock like we do in the corporate world,
  • Automobile insurance, registration is time consuming, complex and a general pain in the ass, but the cost is cheap so take one trade off for another,
  • Health Care registration for both public and private insurance carriers, again complex, but cheap
  • Beer is cheaper and lighter, that does not mean consumption should increase, rather monitor and adjust,
  • Same for wine and liquor,
  • Do not like your contractor, get another one, lawsuits are costly, time consuming and somewhat futile, don’t expend time or energy trying to change the system…you wont,
  • Utility, internet, cell phone account set up again pain in the ass but still cheap
  • The locals did well enough before you arrived and will continue to do so after you leave, you are not special, more important or better than them, learn that quick or perish,
  • Temporary accommodations are abundant, for a reason. Choose with care, check out our approved lodging and short term rental agencies at and save your self some grief,
  • An hour at the beach is way better than an hour in traffic

In the end, is it worth the hassle, dam right, when your hardest daily decision is to relax in the pool or relax in the gulf, or drop by the local watering hole for a beer with the crew or to lay in the sun, or hell all 4, then you are on the way to being a beach gringo

See you on the beach….

Steve “The Beach Gringo in Chief” Patterson