The beach gringo get queries at least three or four times a week generally asking “can I live on $ 1000.00 per month” or some other amount, the answer is yes, no and maybe, but that is the wrong question to ask, really, you can live on $ 50.00 a month, live in a tent on the beach, you should be asking yourself “how do you want to live” that will give you an idea of costs and when you add them all up you get an estimated monthly amount, some of the things you may want to ask yourself…

  • Do I need a car, if so, factor in Automobile temporary import permits, gas, insurance and repairs, hint if you are living outside of a bigger city then car is required?
  • What kind of health care do I need, will public care be enough, or do I need extra coverage?
  • How close to the beach do I need to be, the closer the more expensive, both for purchase and rental,
  • Do I have pets, will I get pets, vet costs, food?
  • Simply things like AC can get awfully expensive, so can you live with none or limited use
  • Real estate transaction fees, taxes, bank fees, lawyers, rental deposits, all of which vary by location
  • Utility, internet, cell phone charges,
  • Entertainment, dining out is cheap compared to USA/Canada but it eats up the monthly budget quickly,
  • Temporary accommodations until your final residence is ready
  • Costs of temporary and permanent residence applications,
  • Banking and funds transfer fees (these add up quick) and without residency…no Mexican bank account,
  • Other fees like property management, shipping of household goods, travel costs, toys,
  • Exchange rate changes and so does the value of your dollar
  • Emergency funds, we all know, shit happens and down here CASH IS KING, always have some form of safety net that you can sock away and not need to chip away at it just to meet monthly expenses.

So, add it up then figure out what you will spend, then add 20%, that will give you a realistic number. In my opinion, you can survive in the Yucatan on around $ 1000.00 a month, but do you want to survive or live and enjoy the beach.

See you on the beach….
Steve “The Beach Gringo in Chief” Patterson