This page contains links and contact information for “Friends of the Beach Gringo” who provide a variety of services to our little beach community. The Beach Gringo receives, nor accepts commissions, payments or other rewards from anyone listed on this page.

To be listed on this page, our friends must have provided services to the Beach Gringo personally on at least 5 separate occasions or have been recommended by at least 3 other people in the beach community.

In cases of medical or professional services The Beach Gringo will not list any person or firm that does not hold the required permits, license’s or where required by a governing professional body liability or commercial insurance.

The Beach Gringo reserves the right to alter, adjust, delete, add or change listings without prior notice and all content is solely managed by the Beach Gringo.

Check back often as listings are updated on a regular basis, and should you choose one of our friends, tell them you found them on the Beach Gringo site.

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